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What We Do

We believe no one can have a bigger impact on your health than you, which is why we designed Fitsom to be the ultimate place to recharge and recover from the stressors of modern life. We focus on resetting and optimizing your nervous system, so that you are more resilient in the face of stress, pain, and anxiety.




Stimulate and develop body awareness while relieving pain, releasing muscle tension and activating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest). 

Utilization of the breath to release stress and tension, calm the nervous system, and deliver adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients to all tissues and organs.

Focus on the body, natural rhythm of the breath, and genuine compassion as an effective tool for dealing with the stress, anxiety and pain of modern life.

Our Objective

To educate people on the power of their nervous system, so that they can manage their own health better. 

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What People Are Saying

"I'm now able to recognize, when something hurts, it's the body out of balance. And the instructors are so good at telling you exactly what you need to do, so you can do it at home too."


Yelp Reviews

Anne Marquiss

John O'Hanlon

Fitsom has been such a rewarding experience and environment to be in. 

By taking the time to learn self care techniques, breathing techniques, and body awareness I have become conscious of correct posture and am empowered to heal and improve myself on my own time between classes. By building these strong foundations I have become confident in my ability to improve my body physically as well as mentally and am eager to see myself continue to improve. The entire staff and everyone I have been able to meet and speak with have been friendly and happy to be there!

Thank you Fitsom for educating me and for opening my eyes to my potential to feel even better!

I came to Fitsom at the urging of a friend. I had a nagging shoulder injury when I did my first appointment that I thought I would work around. One of the owners, Ken, encouraged me to get it checked and also worked with me for an hour or so to unravel the source of the dysfunction. He helped me activate muscles ignored in my day to day life of sitting, driving, etc. I went home and did some yard work. It took me a minute to realize as I was working for the first time in a year I had good mobility in my shoulder!

After a couple of months of strengthening muscles while releasing tension in others, I no longer had shoulder pain and stiffness. I love the balance and relaxation Fitsom provides and it is easily accessed by all skill levels. I always joined facilities and didn't really go enough, but look forward to going to classes at Fitsom. Ken, Katelyn, George and Deb are the best at what they do as far as helping YOU with your individual body and its quirks.

Our Classes 





Combat the stressors of everyday life with the tools to build mental and physical resilience. In this calming class, you will practice SMR and harness the power of your breath to release tension, balance the nervous system, and put you back in control of your body. 

Our Mindfulness Meditation classes are taught by the lovely Ann Kronser who has been practicing since 2006. In this class you will combat stress and anxiety, improve memory and cognitive function, and just feel straight up good.

Cash donation based Self Care class open to the public. We hope that by giving back all the love and good fortune that we have experienced from our members, to the greater Sacramento area, that we can start to make real changes in the community.

We don't cure, we teach!

Our Services


Sometimes we need a little extra help with our self care. Leave it to our expert massage practitioners to work out anything you can't seem to tackle on your own in class or at home. They'll show you the root causes of discomforts like pain and tension, and teach you how to manage them in a routine that works for you. 

When the group mentality isn't cutting it for you, we've got you covered with individualized education plans. Our instructors have extensive background in human kinesiology and have been trained to notice when the body's gait is off and how to get it back to normal. Sometimes it's the little things that really matter. 

Nothing relating to your health is one size fits all. With nutrition, there are many layers to the big picture. Our nutritionist will work with you on all of these layers and help you form conscious rituals in your daily life that will pave a path towards your happiest, most balanced self. All you have to do is show up ready.  






Why We Do It

We envision a future of people living in balance. Out of the ever present fight or flight mode and into more resting, recharging, and reclaiming life.

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